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Jake Bugg Predictably Slags Off TV Talent Shows

by | 4th, March 2014




WHETHER you like it or not, the only music format that doesn’t seem to want anything to do with the working classes, is indie. Prick your ears up during an interview with almost any new British rock band, and you’ll not hear an accent amongst them. Pop, rap, metal and dance music meanwhile, are the playground for anyone who fancies it.

In the pop world, The X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent are giving working class performers a shot at fame. Susan Boyle is a megastar, when no record company would touch her. Little Mix meanwhile, are a hotchpotch of regional accents (and most importantly, killer pop records).

Indie, meanwhile, looks like prog in the 70s, filled with a load of dreary, earnest humans who lack the hunger of someone like Oasis. Whether you liked the band or not, the urgency and desire in their early records was difficult to rail against.

And now, seeing himself like a one-man-band version of the Gallagher Brothers (despite increasingly loud rumours that he doesn’t write his own songs), Jake Bugg has predictably hit out at TV shows which deal in talent.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, he said was¬†uncomfortable with the way the shows treated its contestants: “It was quite sad. We went on just before they said to the contestant ‘yeah you’re not through’ and she was really heartbroken. It’s cruel.”

“It’s like; thanks for coming on the show but you’ll never get a record contract. It’s the dream smasher, that’s what it is, the dream smasher.”

Funnily enough, the record industry is exactly that. However, TV talent shows have the chutzpah to actually do it live on air. They don’t hide it away and pretend to be philanthropists. The entertainment industry is one of the cruellest on Earth and while Jake Bugg may have never have his dreams shattered by record companies, there’s millions in his position who have.

Even more amusing though, is the small matter of Bugg’s appearance on American Idol to promote his album. He’s too cool to care about biting the hand that feeds him, right?

And so, we move on to Bugg’s views on the 2014 BRIT Awards. He said that he thought the ceremony was boring and the the categories weren’t fair. “I don’t mind losing out to David Bowie but how can you have a category with him in it and four people that have made one or two albums?”

Then added: “To make up an award just so One Direction win it and turn up is a bit wrong but that’s it, it’s showbusiness.”

Exactly, dickhead. Now hurry up and make some exciting records or else you’ll soon be on the scrapheap as well, playing student unions with reformed 90s bands.

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