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The Stars That Come Out To Support BBC Three Are The Reason It Should Close

by | 5th, March 2014

THE BBC is a wonderful thing and this writer will defend it forever. That said, not everything it does is perfect. Take a look at BBC Three for example, which is currently being scrutinised now that Auntie has said it might be closing it down forever and ever amen. Or, at lease, turning it into an online channel.

A BBC spokesman said “nothing is off the table”, adding “no decisions have been made”, but really, it must be nigh on impossible to justify the existence of BBC Three (and Four for that matter), when they only broadcast for half the day (seriously – what is with that) and for the main part, are furiously unpopular.




In the case of BBC Four, the handful of decent shows they make could easily be shown on BBC Two. And BBC Three? Well, there’s little to save from the cull. And the stars that are calling for the channel to remain underline why it needs to go.

Jack Whitehall, Matt Lucas and Russell Kane are amongst those showing support for BBC Three.

Matt Lucas said: “Hearing horrible rumours about the possible closure of BBC3. This would be really bad for new comedy. Like, REALLY bad.”

“Little Britain, Gavin & Stacey, Torchwood, Being Human, Mighty Boosh, Pramface, Ideal – BBC3 is the home of new comedy & drama #SaveBBC3″

While those shows were popular, you suspect that they’d find a place on TV in the post BBC Three world. And if they didn’t make it on the Beeb, there’s someone who would have them.

Meanwhile, Bad Education comic Jack Whitehall said that the channel’s support of new comedy was “vital”, adding: “I really hope reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours.”

You have to say that, for a lot of people, if killing BBC Three meant less of Jack Whitehall on our TVs, then it is absolutely paramount will stick a pickaxe through its heart.

5 Live presenter Richard Bacon suggested that BBC Three could spark a similar response from viewers to BBC 6 Music: “BBC3 makes lots of great, clever, distinct programmes. If the rumours of it being cut are true, we might need to retool that 6Music campaign. As a BBC employee, I can’t get involved in campaigns. So it’s entirely up to you if you want to start using #SaveBBC3.”

The terrible Russell Kane described BBC Three as “the crucible of upcoming comedic artists” while dreadful Greg James tweeted: “Such a load of balls if the rumours about BBC3 being axed are true.Genuinely brilliant new comedy + live music needs that platform.”

And while it is one of the few outlets that is actively designed toward young people (there’s cripplingly little of that these days), you have to say that, mostly, young people have pretty much given up on television as it used to be and instead, focus on pilfering what they want from the internet, be it Vice documentaries, Vine roundups, American shows swiped from a torrent or all manner of channels that don’t include BBC Three.

The good stuff the channel has won’t die if BBC Three does get the chop. Does it mean the future of British comedy is in jeopardy? Of course it doesn’t.

Apart from those currently employed by the station, it seems there’s few arguments to actually keep it.

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