Anorak News | Lack Of Working Pens Triggers Crime Spree At Irish Police Station

Lack Of Working Pens Triggers Crime Spree At Irish Police Station

by | 8th, March 2014

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FEW below middle-age cannot understand the irritation of not being able to find a working pen. The youth have iPads and creepy Google goggles to record the everyday, but for many nothing beats the pen when you need to sign a name of jot something down quickly.
Not finding a working pen can lead to a rage.
Mindful of that, we hear of goings on at Henry Street police station in Limerick, Ireland. Members at Limerick Court have heard stories of pen-related incidents at the station. One not isolated incident featured a defendant attending the garda station to sign on as a condition of his bail relating to a separate matter. At the police desk, the man was told that there was no available pen for him to use. He should go home, and return with his own pen.
Judge Eugene O’Kelly was told that man was not pleased, became aggressive and began to verbally abuse police. Commenting on the facts of the case, Judge O’Kelly said this was not the first time he’d heard of such a thing, adding: “It’s not acceptable that people, who are coming in to sign on in compliance with their bail are being told to go away and return with their own biro. I am hearing it too often and too frequently.”
Anorak recalls a similar run-in with the Met. Having been stopped on suspicion of DWB (driving whilst black), the friend was asked to step from the vehicle and reveal his name and address. The police pulled out a small pad and went to make a note. For some minutes they continued to ask questions. The notebook remained open, the pen poised. But nothing was written down. After a couple of minutes, the innocent target of their stop and search asked, “What’s the problem, officers, Wrong pen?” No response was given. But around 10 minutes later – and by now it had started to rain – a police car pulled around the corner. The window went down. A hand emerged holding a…pen.
And  – yes, you’re way ahead here – when the police went  to make their notes it failed to work.
A swift “On your way, then, sir”, a few smirks and sniggers and it was done.
Irish police could do with developing a sense of humour. And then investigate which copper is nicking all the pens…

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