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One Direction Go After George Osborne And Tax Dodgers

by | 11th, March 2014

IT is usually indie fans who mock the rest of music for not being ‘real’ or doing anything worthwhile, when funnily, it is usually their favourite bands who are the most guilty of giving nothing to the world.

While everyone looks to rock music for protest, everyone’s missed the small fact that pop and hip hop have been the prime champions of hitting out against injustice. Guitar bands complain about Spotify or illegal downloads, concerned only for what they’re owed while pop and rap support Justice For The 96, hit out against corrupt police, call bullshit on the way media portrays women, stands up against bullying and berates corrupt politicians.

The latest is One Direction, who have urged their army of fans to lobby the Chancellor to hold the UK’s international aid budget steady and go after those guilty of corporate tax avoidance.

Harry Styles & Co are offering free gig tickets to fans who join Global Citizen (an international group who want to end extreme poverty) and asking Directioners to email a letter to Gideon Osborne before next week’s Budget, which asks him to maintain the UK’s commitment to devote 0.7% of national income to the international development budget, which Tories have been attacking lately.

Global Citizens get 3 points for sending a letter written by the charity, addressed to the Chancellor, the Prime Minister and Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, from the site or get two extra points if they write a personalised letter.

A spokesman for Global Citizen said: “With public opinion on development mixed, the email will urge the government not to cut funding, which would risk millions of lives around the world. The letter will also encourage the government to crack down on company tax avoidance by British companies in the developing world, which hampers progress in those states.”

In a message to their fans, One Direction said: “We are absolutely proud to join so many amazing artists to inspire people to take action to end extreme poverty. Please visit and take action, love One Direction.”

‘Real’ bands, it is over to you.

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