Anorak News | 18 Vegetables Pretending To Be Animals

18 Vegetables Pretending To Be Animals

by | 12th, March 2014

DO you eat your vegetables first or last? Do you disguise them as something else, hiding them beneath a layer of beef or cut them into shapes and arrange them as smiley faces? Were you / are you one of those children encouraged to eat faces? ‘Go on,’ says your loving mum, ‘Eat his mange tout eyebrows. Now his cucumber eyes. Go for the cauliflower ears.’ And if spud face still won’t tell you where pudding is, ‘eat his runner bean lips and cut out his slice-of-tomato tongue.’ But not all vegetables need murdering. Some are cute. Some are cuddly. Other are watching you. And they’re waiting…

onion face


hugs love rots tomunny running rad duck gord egg face spud bear devil tom goose swede rooting carobot berberry cool rad spud toes dusk tom rocky pepper sheep spud veg face

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