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How Old Is Russ Kane?

by | 13th, March 2014

HOW old is comedian Russ Kane?

Last weekend, the Sunday Times told us:

Kane, 33, is an Edinburgh Comedy award-winning comedian and television presenter with 557,000 Twitter followers who has fronted three shows on BBC3. Since Tony Hall, the corporation’s director-general, announced that he planned to close the BBC’s only television channel aimed at 16 to 34-year-olds he has become a crusader for the rights of the “yoof”.

Kane is of his audience.

 “No one listens to us, no one gives a sh*t about us,” he says. “We’re one of the few countries where our young people don’t go out protesting. We’re too busy ‘neknominating’ [taking part in an online drinking game] each other and waxing our eyebrows off. So the problem is that we have a very quiet voice and you injure the group who is less likely to hit back.”

Wikipedia says Kane is old than 33:

Russell Kane (born 19 August 1975)

That makes him 38.

The Guardian notes:

Born: Enfield, 1980.

In 2010, the Southend Standard reported on the local boy done good:

The award-winning funnyman has always claimed to love his hometown, and will put his money where his mouth is when he weds fiancee Sadie Hasler in a low-key ceremony at South-church Hall on Saturday… The comedian was best man at his friend Scott Norbury’s wedding in 2000, and now Mr Norbury is returning the favour.

He said: “Russell actually did a stand-up routine at my wedding, but I think I’ll just stick to a speech. I’ve known Russell for 25 years since we went to primary school in Enfield. We lost touch and then met up again through mutual friends. Russell’s done really well for himself. If he puts his mind to something he usually achieves it.”

Mr Norbury, 35, from Harlow, added…

So, he was 35 in 2010? When he met Mr Norbury at primary school, was Kane five years younger than him? Primary school runs from ages 4-11. You can see the four-year-old Kane and nine-year-old Norbury getting along great.

In 2010, Kane told the Indy:

What I see when I look in the mirror … A man stuck at the age of 17 who’s finally found what he wants to do and is ready to start ageing.

In a live chat, he said:

128olives asks:

I’ve enjoyed some of your performances. My questions… How old are you?…

Russell replies:

(a) my age is going down each year, monitor Facebook to see how old I think I am;

So. Is he in the BBC 3 age group or not?

One thing is for sure: he’s outlived the channel, which is being retired.

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