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1 In 5 BBC Listeners Would Refuse To Attend A Gay Marriage

by | 28th, March 2014

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A FIFTH of BBC Radio 5 Live listeners, when asked, said that they wouldn’t attend a gay marriage (thanks to legislation, now known as ‘a marriage’) and that men were twice as likely to not to attend a same-sex wedding as women.

The first Marriages That Happen To Have People Who Are The Same Gender will take place across England and Wales on Saturday, with some tying the knot on the stroke of midnight, after the government’s legislation received the Royal Assent.

Furthermore, Whitehall will fly the rainbow flag above its offices this week to celebrate, which is very nice of them.

69% of British adults polled by ComRes (stop laughing at the back, there) agreed that gay marriage should be allowed but nearly a third of men polled (29%) said they would turn down an invite to a gay wedding, in comparison to 16% of women. All in all, 22% of people said that they wouldn’t accept the invite to some gay nuptials.

Of course, the good thing is that these thundering berks are in the minority. 4 in every 5 people would go to a gay wedding, leaving the 1 in 5 to sit at home on their own, tutting about people they may or may not know, and which genitals people should like.

Naturally, it is stupid older people who are against the whole thing. 80% of 18 to 34-year-olds were in favour of the whole thing, which only 44% of the over 65s were supporting a same-sex union. You have to consider that pensioners might have given the same answer to any type of marriage, thanks to not wanting to leave the house and have to go to a reception where a local DJ plays Avicii at skin shredding volumes, backed by a vague whiff of tuna sandwiches from the buffet.

Interestingly, 59% of people asked said that a person should not be considered homophobic for opposing the legislation while 42% disagreed that gay marriages were the same as hetero-marriages.

To all those pooh-poohing gay marriage, remember this – should you get married, there’s a chance no-one will come to see you tie the knot because, ostensibly, you’ve given everyone the green light to politely refuse, and you can’t sulk about it, you big backward weirdo.

Photo: hrtbps @hrtbps – An incredible view over London from #UKIP HQ as Britain prepares for its first gay marriages.

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