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Tom Daley Is Gay, Not Bisexual, Okay?

by | 4th, April 2014




IMAGINE this: everyone in the world announces that they’re bisexual. Seems trite, but if everyone was bi, then it would stop the need for people to ‘come out’ and indeed, newspapers wouldn’t need to write stories about people ‘switching sides’ or indeed, as we’re seeing with Tom Daley, clarifying exactly which set of genitals he’s most interested in.

The 19-year-old told the world that he was bi on YouTube in December, saying: “Of course I still fancy girls, but right now, I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier.”

Now, he’s said that he’s gay and, obviously, Daley’s sexuality is of huge importance to him and, with him announcing his homosexuality, it could prove to be a persuasive and powerful statement for other people who are having difficulty coming out, or indeed, remote support for those who have come out as gay, and are feeling lost because of it.

People who are visible and gay are incredibly important to society, because the more people who are proud, the more gibbering, hooting berks who oppose it will have to suck it up. Fact of the matter is, what homophobes have yet to work out is that you can disagree with homosexuality, be it through a religious conviction or whatever, but you don’t get the right to decide whether someone else is gay or not. Tut to yourself by all means, but the minute you take it to the streets in a bid to dissuade other humans from being themselves, then everyone should come down on you like a quarry’s worth of boulders.

That all said, you have to admit that most of the problems around sexuality come through this tediously binary way of thinking. Imagine for a second, you tell every new child in the world that they’re bisexual – that they can fancy who they like, for as long as they like.

Imagine a woman saying she’s bisexual, but she’s only ever been in relationships with other women. There’d be no ‘so you’re a lesbian then?’ Imagine a man who has predominantly had relationships with women, but suddenly, ends up shacking up with a man. He wouldn’t be ‘trying it out’ and nor will he have ‘lied to all those women all that time’.

Why people are still at all concerned with which particular hole a person likes is, when you break it down, one of the most baffling aspects of the human condition. Seeing as shagging is about as important as what your preferred cereal is, if you saw a headline that said “SHOCK AS SOCCER ACE COMES OUT AS COCO POP LIKER!”, you’d wonder why anyone would even care.

Of course, it is pleasing that Tom Daley is in a position to speak freely about his feelings, but honestly, why would we care, his happiness aside, what makes his balls twitch on a weekend?

Can we all just assume that people are bisexual from now on and get on with more important things like Why On Earth Do People Eat Cheesestrings or Why Do People Still Have Rat Tail Haircuts?

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