Anorak News | Darren ‘Sumbarine’ Gough and ex-TOWIE ‘Star’ Amy Childs Are In A ‘Plutonic’ Relationship

Darren ‘Sumbarine’ Gough and ex-TOWIE ‘Star’ Amy Childs Are In A ‘Plutonic’ Relationship

by | 4th, April 2014

HOT, steamy celebrity gossip is the lifeblood of the tabloid press, and never more so than in the Daily Mail’s report of the fallout following the revelation of an alleged affair between ex-cricketer Darren ‘Sumbarine’ Gough and ex-TOWIE ‘star’ Amy Childs.


darren gough and amy childs


Both parties deny that any funny business occurred, and insist that they are just friends.

But the Mail reports that the nature of their relationship is much hotter and steamier than a mere bedroom romp. In fact, it says that “the fashion designer [that’s Amy] went on to say that her relationship with Gough is strictly plutonic”.


Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 15.13.08


Yes, that’s right: plutonic.

This, in layman’s terms, means their relationship was formed by the solidification of magma deep within the earth and is crystalline throughout. A friendship created by turbulent molten eruptions beneath a surface that appears cool and calm.

Ignorance, typo, spellcheck sabotage, or investigative journalism at its finest?

Whatever the truth, the Mail continues to break new ground, exposing the turbulent goings-on underneath.

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