Anorak News | Yashika Bageerathi Needs To Murder Someone If She Wants To Remain In The Free And Fair UK

Yashika Bageerathi Needs To Murder Someone If She Wants To Remain In The Free And Fair UK

by | 7th, April 2014

LAST week we learnt that Yashika Bageerathi, 19, is contrary to the public good. Yashika had hatched a plot to take A-level exams this summer. The authorities picked up chatter that Bageerathi was expected to “do well”. It would be a “glorious day” if she “passed”. 


Yashika Bageerathi


Cunning Bageerathi arrived into UK by legal means. As police checked vans for human cargo and the coastguard kept a look out for overburdened li-los from France, Yashika and her family arrived in the UK on a plane. They were in possession of correct documentation. She then proceeded to commit not a single crime and work hard, slyly remaining “below the radar”.

Blessedly, before this scumbag could worm her way into a better life, she was arrested and sent to Yarl’s Wood detention centre, from where she will be deported .

Home Secretary Theresa May has seen the tens of thousands of names on a petition asking for Yashika to be allowed to sit her exams before being removed from decent society. But May will not relent.

The only viable option is for Yashika to commit a heinous crime and /or get pregnant by a EU subject and thus be able to remain in the country for years.

She could consult with Alphonse Semo, 53, of Deptford, who was, reportedly, just two hours away from being sent packing on a flight to his native Congo when the High Court ruled that he could remain in the UK. Semo had been jailed for eight years in 2002 for raping a woman in the UK. But Mr Justice Collins allowed him to marry a Congolese woman with EU citizenship. So. Semo can legally live in any of the countries of the European Union, as the spouse of German national Bunsana Kalonji.

Time for Plan B, Yashika.

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