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Jessie J Moves Beyond Her Bisexual Phase Into The Husband Zone

by | 9th, April 2014


WHEN Jessie J burst onto the pop scene, it briefly felt like we were going to have our own Lady GaGa, making jagged, wonky pop that was wise to the pirate radio station playlists.

However, she quickly turned into Natasha Bedingfield by retaining a lot of fans, but leaving many to shrug with a meh.

Amongst all this, there has been talk of her sexuality. She said she’d dated men and women, so the press said “HEY! YOU’RE BI!” and no-one really had the inclination to correct or refute that. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, right?

Well, recently, she’s said she only dates men now, which saw a huge backlash from all corners, with some assuming she’d said she was bisexual in a bid to sell some records… although, last time we checked, no-one ever sold more units by simply being bi. With this, Jessie J has issued a statement responding to criticism.

The trouble started when she had told the Mirror that her bisexuality was a “phase” and now, she’s looking to find a husband and starting a family.

On Twitter, she went off, calling the “hate” both “uncalled for” and “ridiculous” and that the whole thing was “never a publicity stunt or for album sales”. If you’re interested, click here for the full statement.

She wrote: “I never lied about my sexuality, I never labelled myself, the media and some of the public did. I said almost 5 years ago now. I have dated girls and boys. Quote me! Which I had! Am I denying that…?No! I was young and I experimented! Who hasn’t?”

“I fell for a person who happened to be a girl. Every other relationship I’ve had has been with a man. My record label didn’t care and it wasn’t part of my launch! I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just being real.”

“I ask that you respect that I don’t judge you on every detail of your past as I will never know of your past. And you let mine stay as mine and let me continue to grow and change just like every other human being. I will not speak on this topic anymore. It’s irrelevant to what this dream Is supposed to be about. Irrelevant to why people even know who I am if they do in the first place! The music! It needs to be about the music.”

So, with that, do we have an answer? Well, no. Fact is, surely someone can be bisexual and ostensibly live their entire life in relationships that look straight from the outside in. There are bisexual women who have never dated a woman. Your sexual preference isn’t determined by who you hump or date.

Ever noticed how virgins know their sexuality? Or recluses know who they fancy?

The overriding factor is that we shouldn’t ask people to make their minds up. Why would it even matter? Jessie’s unfortunate phrase of “experimenting” doesn’t help. She could’ve easily shrugged and said “I’m looking for a husband because, as a bisexual person, I can decide who I want and how I want it.”

Quite why the press would want to ask, or get to the point where they’d care enough is baffling. The only question anyone should really be asking is: How did Jessie J get so blah so quickly?

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