Anorak News | Andrew Bush Killing: Mayka Kukucova Is Always The ‘Stunning Swimsuit Model’

Andrew Bush Killing: Mayka Kukucova Is Always The ‘Stunning Swimsuit Model’

by | 11th, April 2014

Mayka Kukucova

HOW do you report on Mayka Kukucova, the woman accused of murdering Andrew Bush at his home in Estepona, Spain? The Times begins its reports on the story:

The Slovakian swimwear model accused of killing the British millionaire Andrew Bush told a court in her homeland yesterday that she had fled Spain in fear of her life.

Does her job affect how we view the story? What about his billing as a”millionaire”? Spanish police are seeking Kukucova’s extradition from her native Slovakia, where she has been placed in custody.

The Times spotted the “24-year-old” in court:

The model, dressed in jeans and a white top, covered her face with a white shawl to avoid photographers as she was led out of court by a female officer.

Because looks matter when you’re wanted for murder.

What about focusing on something else, like the story in Slovakian newspaper Plus that Ms Kukucova is pregnant by Mr Bush? The Indy does, although the alleged killer is still first and foremost a “model” – and now she’s “23“:

Andrew Bush murder: Slovakian model who killed British millionaire in Spain says she’s having his baby

The Mail has similar powers of observation:

Swimwear model ex of British millionaire who ‘murdered him in Spanish villa with shotgun after lying in wait in his bed’ is caught 2,000 miles away in her home town in Slovakia

A shotgun? The Telegraph says:

The murder weapon, a 0.38 Italian-made special revolver, was recovered near his body…

The Mirror has a few words with the dead man’s lover Maria Korotaeva (she thanks him for changing her life and being a good “teacher”).




South West Business says:

After hearing the gunshots, the 20-year-old frantically tried to get back into the five-bedroom villa… but all the windows and doors were locked… Maria, also known as Marsha, could not get past the intricate security system to enter the locked house and her phone had gone dead so she had to find an outside plug for her charger before calling emergency services.

The Mirror notes:

Maria Korotaeva, 20, was on holiday with jewellery dealer Andrew Bush, 48, when he was gunned down at his villa.

The Telegraph adds:

[Korotaeva] claims that after going into the five bedroom mansion and opening a bottle of Champagne, she was confronted by Miss Kukucova, dressed in her pyjamas. She said: “Andy said he had to change all the locks because she was obsessed. When I saw her I ran out the house and locked myself in the car. I did not want a problem. I did not want any drama. Andy came out and said not to worry. It was all fine.”

The Mail reports this, but does not say who Korotaeva was allegedly talking with:

She could not get past the intricate security system but then watched as Kukucova came out of the house with a ‘crazy cold’ look on her face. She added: ‘She was cold. She was in no rush. She was looking like she was just getting her stuff and getting away because he had asked her to. She didn’t look like she had killed him. [Her face] was crazy cold. She talked to me normally.’


Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 11.48.12


Let’s stick to the basic facts. How old is she? The Mail says:

The 21-year-old said she remained outside the five bedroom property as the pair spoke, and described cowering in a car as shots rang out, and then seeing Miss Kukucova flee in Mr Bush’s Hummer.

The Mirrorthen appraises the suspect:

Swimwear model Mayka Kukucova told relatives they had a furious row at his Spanish villa when she tried to discuss maintenance money. The stunning 23-year-old handed herself in to police in her homeland of Slovakia…

Such are the facts.

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