Anorak News | Man Banned From Buying Alcohol In Co-op After Joking It Was For 12-Year-Old Daughter

Man Banned From Buying Alcohol In Co-op After Joking It Was For 12-Year-Old Daughter

by | 14th, April 2014

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“THAT’S your beer sorted out,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, 48, to his sober 12-year-old daughter as they attempted to pay for alcohol at a Co-op supermarket in Worthing, West Sussex. We say attempted because the cashier heard the quip and banned Kieran from buying the booze.

She demanded to see the child’s ID. Was she over 18? If not, then she’d have to get her kicks from smoking bedbugs like all the other kids, or else call the Co-op’s bank and order some crystal meth.

Mr O’Sullivan is a teacher. He probably needs the drink. He tells the Argus:

“So there I am, this middle aged, middle income, average Joe, cracking an innocent joke to my entirely sober 12-year-old daughter when the cashier narrows her eyes and says, ‘I’ll have to see your ID, sir.’ I asked if she was kidding, but then she asked to see my daughter’s ID, which made me laugh.

“She said that by law, if you make a comment about purchasing alcohol for a child then they had to see both our IDs. I asked to speak to the manager but instead of using his judgement, he backed his employee up and said it was the law. I told them I was clearly not getting alcohol for my daughter and the law was all about judgement and about circumstances. But they refused.”

He never bought the drink. Instead he contacted Co-op head office to make a complaint. That got him nowhere, so he vowed: “I’ll never go back there again. In 48 years on this planet I’ve never had anything like it.”

Neither have we. What 12-year-old still goes to the supermarket to buy booze? Just order it online, like everyone else.

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