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Bored Panda: Lonely Scarlett Is Given A TV To Watch

by | 17th, April 2014




THIS might well be the most depressing story of the year. Having removed two pandas, Macy and Qianqian, from the Yunnan Wild Animal Park, China, Scarlett was alone.

The experts were amazed when Scarlett became listless. They played with her. They talked to her. But nothing worked for the only panda in the cage.

They placed a mirror in her enclosure, presumably in the hope that Scarlett would start talking to herself. Then the installed a swing, a model of a panda, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and finally a TV was placed near Scarlett’s “bed”.

The keepers did all they could to make the pen resemble a British prison cell. Although it was too much to ask Scarlett to poo in a bucket. That would be cruel.

The news on the TV was dull and depressing, so the experts thought it best to play videos of Scarlett playing with Macy. Because nothing cheers up a depressed panda than watching footage of happier times over and over and over and over and over and…

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