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Belfast’s Hottest New Comedy Act Is A Dead Man In An Urn

by | 17th, April 2014

kevin ashes


WHEN Kevin Dorothy, 53, died in December 2013, he was unable to fulfil his desire to preform at the city’s Pavilion Bar comedy showcase.

But he became a double-act. Because Kevin’s friend Stephen Mullan wasn’t alone when he appeared at the show. Next to him was Kevin, in ash form and urned (see photo).

Stephen’s act consisted of reading aloud Kevin’s bank of funny text messages. Another friend tells the BBC:

“Kevin had a habit of texting the most cringe-inducing jokes to all his pals. I always read them, groaned and deleted them right away – they were awful. Stephen, however, kept them – five years’ worth… And do you know something? Kevin’s jokes weren’t that awful after all on hearing Stephen deliver them.”

The nation’s joke writers nod. It’s about the way you tell them. And now Kevin’s going on tour:

“The big fella loved his Guinness, so the plan is to scatter his ashes in the (River) Liffey in the hope that maybe just even just one molecule of the man we all loved so much will find its way into a pint of the black stuff.”

Before tinkling into the urinals at the city’s comedy venues…

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