Anorak News | Indian Man Found With 400g of Gold In His Stomach

Indian Man Found With 400g of Gold In His Stomach

by | 18th, April 2014

“THIS is the first time I have recovered gold from the stomach of a patient,” said C S Ramachandran, a senior surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. He has just treated man who had been experiencing stomach aches. The man said he had rowed with his wife, and swallowed a bottle cap. Which is an easy thing to happen, a common occurrence that would raise no suspicions.

Says the surgeon of the 400g of gold he found inside the man: “I remember having taken out a bladder stone weighing 1kg from a patient. But finding gold in a patient’s stomach was something unbelievable.”

And well worth the effort. Who needs a credit card to pay those medical bills when you have gold?

We should note that in Mumbai last year, customs officials searched a Sri Lankan man. They located 700g of gold in his rectum. Not quite a golden egg, but an improvement on the efforts of Paul Moran, 30, who tried to turn his faeces into pure gold by placing them on a heater – an electric one – at his flat in Derrin Park, Enniskillen. The resulting fire was regrettable.

The reason for these cases of gilded innards is that India is a tough place to bring gold into. The Government raised import duties in an effort to control the country’s surging current account deficit. So. Smuggling has boomed. 

But if you are a smuggler, do you push it up or sink it down? Endoscopy or colonoscopy?


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