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Liverpool Balls: Threatening Luis Suarez Puts Bite Into The PFA

by | 19th, April 2014

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LUIS Suarez should be crowned this year’s Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year.

But can other professionals overlook the repeated racist abuse of Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, the diving and the biting? We should all of us admire Suarez’s abilities, but how much do his disciplinary offences weigh down opinion?

Suarez has so much baggage he could not afford to fly Ryanair.

In 2013, Suarez could have won the PFA award. But a ten-match ban for taking a nip of raw Serb – today’s dish is Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic – damaged his chances.

At the London do, Suarez’s name was twice booed by an audience largely consisting of footballers.

But this season, Suarez has done little wrong. Aside from a few easy tumbles, no player has been tastier than the Uruguayan. His tricks, turns and bristling presence on the pitch are an electrifying force of skill, drive and application.

And today the Times admits that it gets it. Look at those teeth on the paper’s back page. He’s “coming to get you”. The Times agrees that the infamous bite was just about the most entertaining thing football fans have seen since Eric Cantona dived into the Crystal Palace crowd. We all loved it.

And the biting was never going to last. It was just a phase – something that should ease the concerns of all those mums worried that their sons are going “do a Suarez” and eat a classmate. Suarez joined Liverpool in January 2011. And as Dr Christopher Green told us In Toddler Taming: “Don’t despair: remember that biting is only a habit of the first 2½ years.”

It was just a matter of patience.

And now Luis has delivered. You’d pay money to watch him play. And you’d pay more if you knew he was going to something terrible.  The threat is always there with undeniably the best player in the land.


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