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Manchester United Balls: David Moyes’ Failure Earns United A Fortune

by | 23rd, April 2014

THE Guardian is not a tabloid. Mindful of that, Simon Godley talks of Manchester United:

Manchester United face loss of more than £200m over David Moyes’ sacking

What? Moyes’ redundancy package costs £5m. What’s this £200m?

Hiring David Moyes last year will end up costing Manchester United more than £200m, experts estimate…

Experts who thought Moyes was the right man for United or other experts?

Godley then breaks down that headline-making number:

The two largest costs to the club will be a slump in revenues caused by United’s absence from next season’s Champions League – which the accountant Deloitte predicts will be around £50m…

Ok. And the other £150m Moyes cost United?

…as well as an estimated £150m-plus that Moyes’ replacement as manager will demand in order to rebuild the team.

Got that? The experts have calculated by the science of guessology that anyone replacing Moyes will need £150m to buy better players. Presumably, if Moyes had remained, United would not have “lost” this £150m because they’d have spent nothing on new players.

Godley then says the experts he cited aren’t really experts; they are speculators:

It is being speculated that United will have to spend over £150m in transfer fees to rebuild the team.

So. Moyes has cost United lots of money. And further down Godley’s column we get told:

Shares in Manchester United rose by just under 6%, or around £110m, on Tuesday after the club had confirmed Moyes’ departure. Despite the club’s woes, and the huge chunks of revenue that will be missing from next year’s accounts, the shares were exchanging hands at a one-year high.

Moyes has made United a fortune.

Such are the facts…

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