Anorak News | Botfly Removed From Boy’s Eyeball (Photos)

Botfly Removed From Boy’s Eyeball (Photos)

by | 23rd, April 2014

botfly eye


FLIES. Why? Let’s take the dermatobia hominis, a large, hairy species of botfly which lives off humans. The botfly traps a mosquito, lays sticky eggs onto it and let’s it go.

The mosquito (again: why?) bites a human (you). The eggs fall onto the human’s skin (yours). The eggs hatch. Fast. The little creatures fall into the hole in your skin made by the mozzie. Or the hole by a hair follicle will do. Or a cut. They live inside you for 8 weeks. The larvae develop then leave the host (you).


botfly eye 1


But how do they escape the host? Well, this five-year-old boy had one in his eyeball.

Spotter: Honduras, the Air Force Mobile Ophthalmic Surgical Team, via IFLS.

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