Anorak News | How The Banana Proves God Exists And Is ‘The Atheist’s Nightmare’

How The Banana Proves God Exists And Is ‘The Atheist’s Nightmare’

by | 27th, April 2014

HOW do we know God exists? In a word: bananas. They are a sign of God’s love for humanity, and chimpanzees who can peel.


bananas for god


What does an athist think of that?

Christopher Hitchensonce recalled a class with his teacher, Mrs. Jean Watts:

“Seeking ambitiously to fuse her two roles as nature instructor and Bible teacher, she said, ‘So you see, children, how powerful and generous God is. He has made all the tress and the grass to be green, which is exactly the color that is most restful to our eyes. Imagine if instead, the vegetation was all purple or orange, how awful that would be.’

“I was frankly appalled by what she said. My little ankle-strap sandals curled with embarrassment for her. At the age of nine I had not even a conception of the argument from design, or of Darwinian evolution as its rival, or of the relationship between photosynthesis and chlorophyll. The secrets of the genome were as hidden from me as they were, at the time, to everyone else. I had not then visited scenes of nature where almost everything was hideously indifferent or hostile to human life, if not life itself. I simply knew [his emphasis], almost as if I had privileged access to a higher authority, that my teacher had managed to get everything wrong in just two sentences. The eyes were adjusted to nature, and not the other way round.”

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