Anorak News | Epic Adverts: ‘Tolerant Lesbian Mona (w), 31 Searches For A Shared Apartment In Berlin’

Epic Adverts: ‘Tolerant Lesbian Mona (w), 31 Searches For A Shared Apartment In Berlin’

by | 28th, April 2014



THIS is great. Mona “(w), 31 searches in shared apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain”.

Tolerant Lesbian tolerant you

Min Room Size: 20m ² Max Rent: € 5

I, 31, am a good-natured open leftist* and openly feminist student of history (HU) and am searching a cosmopolitan and anti-capitalistic apartment to share with others in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. You need to be open minded when it comes to other lifestyle models and tolerance should be among your top values. Moreover it would be super if there was already a washing machine that I could also use in the apartment.

I don’t like aggressions and power games, and so I’m searching for an apartment that is 100% shared by women who are active against terror, war, racial madness, fascism, chauvinism and US cultural imperialism. I am myself a vegan and think that long-term living together makes sense when absolutely no animal-based products find a place in my apartment.

In general I am easy to get along with, but must also be able to say where the limits are and when I don’t want to see anyone. For me this is part of an honest cohabitation. In the past unfortunately I often have had to make the experience of putting up with people who stayed around even when I asked them to (temporarily) leave the apartment.

In return for a room (20-30 sqm) I offer work in the household, repairs and discussions (also therapeutic). Money is the lever of the powerful with which I cannot identify with. But because I respect other views, I would be willing to contribute to WLAN and electricity (even it belongs to the fundamental needs of a person and thus MUST be provided free of charge.)

I’m looking forward to the “casting”.


*Anarcho-syndicalism (but do not always agree with the International Workers Association)”

Mona is willing to pay is 5 euros.

Spotter: here, via NoTrickZone, Viz for the picture

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