Anorak News | Arsenal Balls: On The 19th Annual St. Totteringham’s Day We Recall Who Said Spurs Would Top The Gunners

Arsenal Balls: On The 19th Annual St. Totteringham’s Day We Recall Who Said Spurs Would Top The Gunners

by | 29th, April 2014

ON the 19th annual St. Totteringham’s Day – when Arsenal finish above Spurs in the Premier League – Lukas Podolski identified himself as a fan favourite:


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Let’s review what the experts said:

Gary Lineker: “I think they’ll probably finish above Arsenal. Well, the interesting thing is that normally clubs… if they sell a huge player, they always say, oh, we’ll spend the money, we’ll put it back in the team but they invariably don’t, whereas at least you can say for Spurs they’ve had a plan and they’ve spent that money – and they’ve spent it actually before they got it really – so I think actually they’ve bought pretty well on the whole.”

Harry Redknapp: “I wouldn’t compare the two squads. Tottenham are much stronger, no doubt. There’s no reason they can’t challenge to win the league. They can be bang there. They’ll finish top four and who knows where they could finish after that?”

Michael Owen: “Tottenham have made great strides over the last couple of years. Unlike Arsenal they spend money on a regular basis. They’re constantly reinvesting in the team and they’re a team that are upwardly mobile at the minute so I think they’ll certainly give Arsenal a run for their money this year… You’d certainly hope there’s a plan B for Arsenal. It would be pretty disappointing for their fans and the club as a whole if there wasn’t one… They certainly need a centre-forward… In recent times they’ve had Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie – three players who would grace any team in the world – and now they’ve just got nothing of that calibre.”

EuroSport: “11 reasons Tottenham will finish above Arsenal”

John Cross: “But perhaps I shouldn’t mention the T word, let alone the S word in an Arsenal column. Fact is Tottenham – oops, sorry – have put Arsenal to shame, breaking their transfer record three times. They have gone for it. Their newly appointed Franco Baldini has gone out and done deals and highlighted the breakdown and failure in Arsenal’s transfer system.”

John Cross: “THIS game showed why Arsenal have spent the whole summer trying to buy a striker. Giroud was the worst culprit… his finishing looks anything but top class”

Andre Villas Boas: “The difference this year is that we are on an upward spiral in terms of confidence whereas they are in a negative spiral and once you get into that negative spiral it’s difficult to get out of it.”

And don’t forget these.

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