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Listen To Scott Bradlee’s Greatet Hits: Pop Juggler And Coming To The UK

by | 6th, May 2014

scott bradleeYOU may not know the name Scott Bradlee, but you’ll definitely know the songs he performs. That’s because you’ve probably seen his Postmodern Jukebox getting The Hits Of Today! and screwing them into the ground, kicking them around a little and uprooting and rearranging them as jazz standards, boozy ragtime belters and a whole load more.

Every so often, one of Bradlee’s videos goes viral, and everyone feverishly shares them without thinking of the people behind them.

Irish version of ‘Get Lucky’ for Saint Patrick’s Day? Scott Bradlee and his Postmodern Jukebox? Smooth covers of the Game of Thrones theme? You guessed it.

So, with that, we’ve collected some of his most fun reworkings (there are more) which somehow… and don’t ask us how he’s managed it… aren’t like those other twee cover version that deeply grate on every level. Bradlee’s takes aren’t judging modern pop and say it’s bad, but rather, screwing around with them and having some fun.

Good news for people outside of America is that he’s taking the Postmodern Jukebox on tour and, yes, he will be in the UK. Check out the tour dates here and watch the videos below. There’s a million more on YouTube as well.


Duck Tales… the ’90s R&B slow jam version



Guns ‘n’ Roses… if they were a N’Orleans rhythm ‘n’ blues band




Nickelback go Motown




Call Me Maybe… in the prohibition




Just Dance… tap dance that is!




Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj go swing!




Blurred Lines… the country and western version!




Ellie Goulding, if she was in the Ronettes!


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