Anorak News | Legal Highs: Sniffing Rexona Deodorant To Get Wasted

Legal Highs: Sniffing Rexona Deodorant To Get Wasted

by | 3rd, May 2014

rexonaTHIS week in imaginative ways to get a legal buzz, we journey to Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory, where the cool kids are inhaling Rexona deodorants.

Supermarkets in the area have taken to placing Rexona aerosol deodorants behind the cashier’s desk, along with cigarettes and scratch cards. This should ensure that sales of cheap wine and lip balms rocket.

But how big of a problem is this sniffing?

First up, what do we know about Rexona? Unilever, which makes the gunk boasts:

Rexona scientists discovered that there’s a difference between the way your body produces sweat when you’re hot, and the way you start sweating when you’re stressed or anxious. Rexona is designed to deliver anti-perspirant protection on both counts.

Junkies should all get some of this stuff, so too criminals worried about losing their cool in the police interview suite.

And what’s more, you can run from the cops as part of your keep-fit regime without fear of getting ugly stains on your clothes.

Rexona believes that life is better when you do more, encouraging people to live more physically active, socially connected and emotionally engaged lives. Mariano Sampietro, Rexona Global Brand Director, says: “With Rexona’s patented MotionSense technology, we can give the people the confidence that sweat won’t let them down, so they can do more.”

So much for the technology and the public service. What of the social issues?

Central Australian Youth Link Up Service (CAYUS) says it’s collected hundreds of cans:

CAYLUS manager Blair McFarland says the situation is out of control and a large number of young children are involved. “[There are] lots – like more than 50 kids under 12 – who have been referred to welfare because of their sniffing. [Police] went to Billy Goat Hill one night and there were 100 kids up there. Maybe not all of them were sniffing, but that’s where we’ve found 460 cans so far.”

Wow, indeed. How dumb are these Aussie kids with the dry noses? Surely, in the country with the massive insects, bedbugs can’t be hard to breed…

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