Anorak News | A Few Highs And Lows From Nick Griffin’s Hacked Twitter Account

A Few Highs And Lows From Nick Griffin’s Hacked Twitter Account

by | 3rd, May 2014

THE hacker with the Anonymous group known only as @Anon_0x03 has gained access to the Twitter account of British National Party’s chairman Nick Griffin. You’ll remember him from that time before Nigel Farage became the go-to face of intolerance. Onr theory is that UKIP leader Farage’s sole mission is to destroy the BNP vote. After all, UKIP is an empty vessel into which people can pour their pet hates and prejudices.

So. What did the hackers twitter from @nickgriffinmep?

@jamiesont quips:

Nick Griffin has apologised to his followers for a series of grammatically correct & inoffensive tweets posted after his account was hacked.


 just wish someone funny who could really have gone to town had hacked it.

HackRead records a few of the tweets, which are crude and could have been much funnier:


nick griffin hacks


The Telegraph reports an exchange that suggests the hacker had little idea what a Nick Griffin is:

What are you actually going to do with the account now you’ve got it? @bnp”one user tweeted to the hacker.

No sure, any ideas? I don’t really give a ****. It was just a random target. I’m not even from GB,” the hacker replied

The Journal says Griffin’s website,, and have also been hacked.

We leave you with a few more tweets:


Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 21.35.34

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 21.35.21


Nick Griffin and the BNP have been more ludicrous…



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