Anorak News | Woman’s Belly Button Explodes On Jet Airliner

Woman’s Belly Button Explodes On Jet Airliner

by | 4th, May 2014

exploding stomach


PATRICIA Jackson, from Bridlington, is no jihadi. She did not attempt to blow up a plane with a bomb hidden in her shoes. She is a cosmetic surgery survivor whose belly button shot off on a flight to Portugal.

Her navel exploded, filling the cabin with the sweet scent of her stomach juices, fluids and travel sweets. The other passengers noticed the stink.

Had Jackson have been travelling on Ryan Air, of course, the stench would haven taken as a sign that the ready meals were in their troughs. But on this occasion, the smell was down to another kind of butcher. The surgeon who had performed her tummy tuck operation had botched it.

She sued for compensation. And she won £25,000.

Meanwhile, jihadis realise that you no longer need a fuse, and their pioneering work with tampons and umbilical chords is now worthless…

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