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Der Ewige Chicken: The Sun’s Pizza Express Expose Is Another Blow For The Modern Nazi

by | 7th, May 2014

DID you know the chicken on Pizza Express salads and pizzas is halal? You did? The Sun didn’t. But it just found out:


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The facts come thicker than the Polish waitress’s Caesar dressing:

–   All chicken killed in line with Islamic law
— No mention of it on restaurant’s menus
— Staff will only tell customers if they ask

The bacon is not halal. It’s not kosher, either.

Islam says chicken can only be eaten if the bird’s throat has been slit while it is still alive.

A verse from the Koran is also recited.

And then this bit of intolerance:

Some non-Muslims object to halal because they claim the ritual killing can cause unnecessary suffering.

Because human spiritualism takes second place to the feelings of a chicken reared for battering, deep fat frying and eating from a box.

The Sun continues to wade in. It speaks with Colin Hart, director of The Christian Institute, an outfit famed for its chicken welfare work. Says Colin:

“It’s great that Pizza Express have shown sensitivity to Muslims. How about them showing sensitivity to people who don’t want to eat halal food? I’ve eaten in Pizza Express many times but didn’t realise halal meat was on the menu. Why are they hiding this? And why won’t they give people a choice?”

You get a choice. You can eat the chicken. Or you can not eat the chicken.

And lest you think intolerance was the preserve of the religious, we hear from Stephen Evans, of the National Secular Society:

“Unsuspecting members of the public are routinely being duped into buying meat from religious slaughter methods. How halal chickens are slaughtered. Meat should be properly labelled, enabling consumers to make an informed choice about the food they’re buying.”

We get to hear not from a chicken, but from Saqib Mohammed, chief executive of the Halal Food Authority, who “said the Islamic method of slaughter is not cruel if performed correctly.”

Did you see what the Sun did there? Did you see its slight of hand? It said one set of beliefs offends another. And the Muslim side of the debate – the “Secret” halal chickens – is part of a conspiracy to… Well, what, make Pizza Express diners all Islamic and cruel? Just as the Jew has been portrayed time and time again as the shadowy force behind corrupted society, the Muslim is engaged in a sinister plot  to control your lunch and desensitise you to suffering.

And it is in no way racist of bigoted to single out the halal chickens; it’s an animal rights issue. Sure, halal meat is a main plank of the Muslim belief system, but think of the chicken. It surely has rights. The Sun paints it all as something shadowy, an underhand thing. And the sneaky and secretive need exposing and banning. So. You ban circumcision not because you hate Jews and seek to undo what they believe to be part of an ancient agreement with God; you ban it because the kids are being abused. You look at the Muslim woman in their veil, portray her clothing as a stain on human rights and you ban it.

You like banning things you do not agree with. But you are in no way a Nazi. You are just on the side of all that is light and right.

The Sun’s expose is more akin to Kalle Lasn’s  article ‘Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?’ than any campaign for enlightenment in farming and dining out in chain restaurants. Are you eating a barbaric Muslim Pizza? Was your battery hen killed in a manner using old-fashioned knives and not the marvel of electricity and chemicals? Then you need to know.

Did the Dutch get it right when they banned kosher and halal meat. If these arcane Others will not yield to the culture of goodness, the trusty Dutch will force them to, it being what the dumb animals deserve. It’s not racist. It’s not intolerant. It’s just, you know, correct.

In the film Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), the Nazis portray Jews as rejoicing in the suffering of animals. They were not “civislied Europeans”. They did love the cow and the hen like noble Germans. It’s not racism – it’s just doing what’s right and decent.

Now, pass over that battery farmed chicken; it looks suicidal…


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