Anorak News | Artist Tessa Farmer Makes Sepllbinding Art From Death And Insects

Artist Tessa Farmer Makes Sepllbinding Art From Death And Insects

by | 14th, May 2014

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BIRMINGHAM-born artist Tessa Farmer makes sculptures. Some of them she makes from insects:

“Tessa’s miniscule sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies: not the sweet Tinkerbell image in popular conscience, but a biological, entomological, macabre species translating pastoral fable into nightmarish lore. Constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, leaves, and dead insects, each of Tessa’s figures stand barely 1 cm tall, their painstakingly intricate detail visible only through a magnifying glass.

Hovering with rarefied, jewel-like beauty, Tessa’s tiny spectacles resound with a theurgist exotica: their specimen forms borrow from Victorian occultism to evolve as something alien and futuristic. Playing out apocalyptic narratives of a microscopic underworld, Tessa’s manikin wonders rule with baneful fervour: harnessing mayflies, battling honey bees, attacking spindly spiders. Presented as wee preternatural discoveries, Tessa’s sculptures conjure a superstitious premise, dismantling the mythos of fantasia with evidence of something much more gothic, sinister, and bewitching.”

These images are from her work The Resurrection Of The Rat:

rat insects




rat insects 1


rat insects 2



rat insects 3



rat insects 4



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