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Someone tell Rita Ora There’s No Fast-Track To Stardom

by | 19th, May 2014



YOU may have seen Rita Ora’s face knocking around and indeed, may have heard some of her songs on the radio. However, putting the sounds to the face is a trickier prospect. While Miley Cyrus and One Direction swiped the pop crown from Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift (for a bit), Rita Ora is lording it up in the VIP section.

See, Rita Ora is being billed as a superstar without actually being one. And it looks like she’s believing in it too.

Obviously, Ora isn’t the first pop singer to be heralded and championed without reason, but there’s something unusual about this occasion.

In a period when smaller stars get heaps of attention, thanks to creating their own USP through Twitter and the like, Rita Ora has just assumed the position of pop royalty and is already carrying on like she’s the next Rihanna, despite the fact she’s just not connecting.

She’s the ratchet Pixie Lott, not the heir to Beyonce’s pop power house. Look at her, in the recent interview, where she says she can’t tell the¬†difference between real and fake friends.

“I guess friendships in the spotlight are different to friendships in private. I’ve got friends I’ve known since I was born and nobody knows what they look like. Some friends are famous, some aren’t. I guess you meet new people on the way,” she told Hello!

“There are a lot of fake friendships. When I first started out, people warned me about someone, but I was very much, ‘No, she’s being nice.’ I guess you learn the hard way. You have to know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake.”

She’s barely out of pop-nappies and she’s already playing the paranoid Howard Hughes card!

“Instead of going out to party with friends, I got to dinner with my boyfriend, then party,” she explained. “I’m only 23 and he’s 30 so there are a lot of things I’m learning along the way that he’s very patient with. It’s just great to have someone there who cares about me.”

Rita, as it happens, is knocking uglies with Calvin Harris, who you will remember as that man who likes a build-up and a kick-in, as well as dancing around at award ceremonies with a pineapple on his head.

Still, at least she’s in love, right?

“I don’t get jealous, I get suspicious,” she said. “Any girl would, though. It’s only because you miss that person, that’s really the reason.”

Jesus Christ. Rita Ora is wary of everyone, at 23 years old and signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, where instead of being protected and eased into the cesspit of the music industry, she’s already acting like Elizabeth Taylor when she went mad.

Someone have a word and tell her that she might want to enjoy herself with a modicum of self deprecation and some understanding and jolly contempt for the industry she works in – it works for One Direction and Miley Cyrus.

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