Anorak News | Turkish Press Loyal To Erdogan Blames Jews For Soma Mine Disaster

Turkish Press Loyal To Erdogan Blames Jews For Soma Mine Disaster

by | 20th, May 2014

IF you want to see what anti-semitism looks like, head to the Middle East, where books shops and newsagents are full of racism. And take a look at the front page of Turkey’s Yeni Akit newspaper, where the shocking news is that the Soma mine owner’s son-in-law is a Jew. The story is that the Jewish-controlled media has distorted the disaster.

Somas is Turkey’s worst-ever mine disaster. Over 300 people have lost their lives. Police and Government goons have met demonstrations with rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannon and well-heeled boot. The BBC says lawyers linked to Turkey’s opposition movement have been arrested.

The pro-government press continues to support Mr Erdogan [Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan].

Aksam prints on its front page a small photo of the prime minister formally shaking hands with a miner’s relative in the crowd. It is hard to see her face. But it may be that the startling photo of an Erdogan aide (in a smart suit) appearing to kick a protester in Soma comes to symbolise what has happened here. To the prime minister’s opponents, the photo encapsulates their long-held complaints – about a privileged administration that treats dissent as treason.

The paper tells about the Jews beneath the headline:

Soma’s secret partners

It’s all a plot. It wasn’t about the ruling Government that bans twitter, quashes dissent and is seeking to Islamize the nation. It was the JEWS! Always the Jews. LOOK! It’s THEM…


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