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UKIP: One Out Of Two Romanians Agrees wIth Nigel Farage

by | 21st, May 2014


DID you enjoy that Channel 4 News interview, the one where Jon Snow asked two Romanian guests what they thought of UKIP and Nigel Farage’s comment on “unruly Romanians”? We met Mariana Gordan, a woman who moved to the UK as a refugee, escaping the murderous nutjob Ceausescu. She’s lived here for 35 years. Snow asked her:

“How would you feel if somebody told you you would have to live next door to Nigel Farage?”

Gordan’s reply was clear:

“I would say he wasn’t far wrong about his… you know… I wouldn’t want to live next door to a bunch of unruly Romanians myself, whether in England or in Romania.”


“Of course, he was right, Romania is not a civilised country… this is not a race issue, I do not think Nigel Farage is racist. I think he’s learned something from this influx of Romanians, some of them because are mixed up with gypies… it’s just politically incorrect to call them gypies anymore… you can’t… we can’t even tell them apart. They have bad habits of exploiting their women and children and they are unruly”.

And on she went:

“My argument is not about race, it is about right and wrong. Britain is the most civilised country in the world and if people come here they should be civilised.”

The film begins in rather unsettling fashion, as the guest in red has a stare off with the camera:     You got the impression Snow did not get the response he wanted. It turns out that – get this – not all Romanians are the same. They don’t even see themselves as equal. Who knew? Brendan O’Neill wonders:

What’s it all about? It can’t simply be down to the arguments Farage espouses. Take immigration. Loads of political and media types are illiberal on immigration, favouring strict border controls. Indeed, it was Labour, whose supporters in the media choke on their macchiatos whenever Farage mentions the word ‘Romanian’, which took the unusual step of keeping certain Romanians and Bulgarians out of Britain when those two nations joined the EU in January 2007. This instantly turned Romanians and Bulgarians into the second-class citizens of Europe, who did not enjoy the same freedom of movement as Poles and others who had joined the EU in the 2000s. It takes politics to a new low for Labour leaders and Labour-leaning commentators to gasp in horror when Farage says something dumb about Romanians moving in next door, considering it was their party which for seven years physically and legally prevented Romanians from moving in next door. 

Nigel Farage is not to everyone’s tastes. But he’s an adult keen to say things the elite only allude to.

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