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No Weapons Restaurant Robbed At Gunpoint

by | 22nd, May 2014

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JOINING the gun law debate, we turn to events in Durham, NC, where armed villains have robbed Pit Authentic Barbecue. That;s the store displaying the  “No Weapons” sign in its reports:

The three pictograms [on the custom restaurant sign] are labeled “NC State Capitol,” “NC Legislative Building,” and “The Pit.” Above the pictograms it says, “No Weapons” and below, “No Concealed Firearms.”

This isn’t just a simple case of some unthinking restauranteur slapping up an anti-gun sign. This is a political statement. He’s very clearly saying “The Legislature bans guns in their workplace, why are they allowing them in mine.”

So. If you ran that eatery would you want armed patrons on the premises, you know, just in case?

Spotter: LibertyNews

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