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Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015 – Monthly Forecasts Of Uncanny Precision

by | 23rd, May 2014

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SUCH a joy to be back among you, especially given the egregious state of blogging these days. I can but do my best, permitting you a glimpse of Arcati’s ancient soul which bubbles with spite and acuity and long memory, though I dress it all up in a sage’s garb and vocabulary of daunting endowment.

Yes, I shall be publishing a naked Prince Harry artwork – by a former mayor (only the best on Arcati). But before that exciting controversy, I wish to do what we all do these days – and offer you my ass.

Step forward Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015. You know the drill. Monthly forecasts of uncanny precision. It’s rather early to be thinking of next year; I know that. There are, however, other things to read in my gorgeous tome as you while away the rest of 2014 in anticipation of 2015.

This year I have included a number of in-depth astro-profiles of certain people I find intriguing and entrancing. Julie Burchill, for instance. Yes, I have peered into her horoscopic bowels and found…well, why spoil it? I have included non-astro personal insights and revelations which can only add flesh to the planetary bones of Britain’s most revered media opinionist. Duncan Fallowell, too, has been conscripted: the temperature of his heart is a question of some longevity – whip out your thermostats with Madame as we watch the mercury shoot up (or down).

I could go on…but I know you have things to do, such as peruse the latest porn uploads. So I shan’t try your patience. I’ll try it later.

FREE sample read: E-Book. For classier acts there’s always the Paperback.

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