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AKB48: Japanese Girlgroup Attacked With A Saw

by | 27th, May 2014



RECENTLY, women’s rights have been shoved to the forefront of the debate, thanks to a number of dreadful events. It has been difficult for some men to read the #YesToWomen hashtag, which has shown just how unsettling life can be for women.

While most men aren’t to blame for all that befalls women, most things that befall our female buddies is at the hands of men.

And so, to Japan, where two members of hugely popular Japanese pop group AKB48 were left hospitalised after a fan attacked them with a saw.


Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama, both teenagers, were meeting with fans in Takizawa on Sunday, when a man lunged at them and slashed at them with a saw. Both women were injured and suffered wounds on their hands and heads and a member of the band’s staff was also injured.

Police have arrested a 24-year-old man, identified as Satoru Umeta and all future appointments have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

This comes on the back of the misogynistic cries of Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who went on a killing spree in California on Friday night because women didn’t respond to him in the way he believed he deserved. Of course, there was a complicating factor in Rodger’s instance, that he suffered from mental health issues – however, that doesn’t change the fact that he singled out women and slaughtered them.

The attacks in America and Japan only highlight what is happening to women and, not only that, how there’s a dangerous line of thinking that provokes young men into becoming products of a culture that demeans women. It may well seem like hysterical shrieking to some, but next time you’re out-and-about, watch how many women who are walking around alone, cross the street from men, just in case.

And if you think women shouldn’t be walking around alone, then you’re also a product of the culture that blames women, rather than the person doing the attacking.

These things are a flag to the hateful treatment of women, which of course, not all men and women have, but women are subject to a sliver of Elliot Rodger or a physical attack every single day.


Photo:  Mayu Watanabe, a member of Japan’s most popular girl group AKB 48, front row center, poses with other kimono-clad AKB48 members, as well as SKE48, and NMB48 members, all of whom will be 20-years-old this year, after their coming-of-age ceremony at Kanda Myojin Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Monday, Jan. 13, 2014. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

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