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Madeleine McCann: Channel 4 Invite You To Watch Her Dead Body Emerge From The Ground

by | 2nd, June 2014

MADELEINE McCann is front-page news in the Daily Star:




Police are digging on wasteland. They are looking for… Well, it must be a body, right?

Says the Star:

‘Come and dig up my garden’ says mother of cleared Maddie suspect – A MUM whose son was cleared as a suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance welcomed the new police search.

She is Jenny Murat, mother of the innocent and monstered Robert Murat, a man put through the wringer by the voracious media. The Star adds:

Jenny Murat told British detectives: “Come and dig up my garden if you think it will help your search.”

Why is that news? Is it because she’s writing a book about her family’s ordeal?

Her son Robert Murat, 40, has been probed then eliminated as an official suspect – or arguido – by Portuguese police.


“They won’t find a thing but if they need to do it as part of their investigation they’re welcome. That poor girl’s parents need some answers after seven years.”

Robert Murat‘s name sullied by the McCann story.

British ex-pat Jenny, 78, lives just 100 yards away from the holiday flat in Portugal’s Praia da Luz where Maddie vanished. She said Scotland Yard had not been in contact yet.

So. Jenny Murat hasn’t told the police anything, then?

She was speaking as British and Portuguese police prepare to dig up parts of the resort. She added: “I’ve had it all before when my son Robert was living here and now I’m thinking: ‘Not again.’ But if it helps police rule out a certain scenario, let it be. We’ve got nothing to hide.”

No. But you can’t escape the story.

She added: “I’ve been away in England for a while but I’m home now and my garden’s overgrown and full of weeds.”

Much like the case.

She said police had originally searched her home and garden in July 2007, just two months after the then three-year-old vanished as her parents dined nearby. She said: “I remember it only too well.

“There were six policemen with sniffer dogs all over the place.” She insists the new dig will anger locals adding: “They feel it could ruin our tourism industry.”

The hunt for Our Maddie is still on. And on Channel 4  you can watch it live!



maddie live


The news outfit that hates the tabloids is advertising a live feed to a child’s body emerging from the dirt, maybe? Or are we just watching the grass grow – LIVE?

You dig and dig and dig and when you hit rock bottom in this tale of an innocent child, you keep scraping in the dirt…

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