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Daily Mail Loses Its Moral Compass Over Animal Testing And Kittens’ Skulls Cracked Open

by | 2nd, June 2014

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THE Daily Mail has a “shocking” story on experiments conducted on kittens and British Universities, The top comment from readers asks:

Where has our moral compass gone?


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The story runs:

“Kittens’ skulls cracked open and electrodes inserted into their brains in shocking series of experiments at 9 UK universities including Cambridge

Kittens have been paralysed, had their skulls broken and had ­electrodes stuck onto their brains, ribs and spine as part of a series of shocking experiments at 10 of the country’s most prestigious universities.

The cruel procedures on the helpless subjects have been performed so scientists can improve their understanding of the human body.

The work if “brutal” and “horrifying”:

The University of Bristol purposely bred cats for their experiments, which involved ‘cutting through the skin and bone to gain access to the skull.’…

Cardiff University and University of Edinburgh raised kittens and their mothers in ‘complete darkness’ to test how certain brain functions related to amblyopia, commonly known as ‘lazy eye’…

The Royal Veterinary College and the University of Glasgow were also said to be ‘directly involved’ in the experiments.

An expert is brought forward:

Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid said: ‘The extreme suffering and stress endured by the cats and kittens used in these repulsive experiments is deeply disturbing to imagine….Instead of torturing cats and kittens in perversely cruel experiments, University College London should move into the twenty-first century and embrace the wide range of non-animal methods that are available to scientists and produce valid, human-relevant results.”

The photos and work has been highlighted by Peta and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).  There is space given to scientists, who argue that the research on animals is not torture but a vital effort to improve the human condition.

But the Mail is horrified. But is it shocked enough to not longer accept money from these Universities, such as Bristol and Cambridge, which advertise on Jobsite, the jobs website it’s parent company DMGT owns?

Watch this space…

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