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So Now We Know Why You Ended Up With That Grossly Fat Porker

by | 6th, June 2014

IT’S one of those little tragedies that hits most peoples’ love lives at one time or another. One starts out the evening lookin’ fer a little lurve and the eye alights upon one carrying a little extra weight. Some interesting handfuls perhaps: and then one wakes up next to a beached whale. Fortunately, now we know the answer. You should have eaten before you went looking:

It is a well-known maxim that you shouldn’t visit the supermarket when feeling hungry, but new research suggests the same is true when going out in search of romance.

Both men and women are more likely to be attracted to people who are larger when they go out on an empty stomach.

Men, in particular will choose more voluptuous women if they have missed a meal while women go for larger, heavier set men.

But scientists warn that when then hunger is sated, they may not feel the same.

It’s not just when the hunger is sated obviously: we all get a little more picky after the lust has been as well.

But the reason they scientists give (and just how did they do this research? Do professors go out on the pull sometimes before a meal and sometimes after? And can we get a grant to check their research? Baggsie me doing the after a meal part.) seems a little odd.

If we’re feeling hungry then we seem to go for the fatties because we assume they must know where the food is. Obviously they do, for they’re carrying those sweaty rolls. Which is odd, because if you are feeling hungry surely you’d be more attracted to someone that offers you an even chance of a bite or two at whatever food is available? The hungrier you are the more attractive someone with anorexia becomes?

That would at least be logical: although it should be said that there’s often not a great deal of logic when considering humans and sex. We do tend to become remarkably confused on this subject.

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