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Transfer Balls: Arsenal And Barcelona Deal Means Chelsea Miss Out On Fabregas

by | 9th, June 2014



TRANSFER Balls – in association with the Daily Fabregas, a look at reporting on the Barcelona player.

The Daily Telegraph says Chelsea aren’t all that keen on giving Arsenal money:

Arsenal could miss out on Cesc Fabregas payment in Chelsea transfer deal with Barcelona

They could?

Jose Mourinho’s team would prefer not to pay their Premier League rivals a percentage of any fee should they agree to sign the Spanish midfielder

Sure. No hard to imagine that The Blues would “prefer” not to pay the Gunners. Maybe if Chelsea don’t pay the asking price they won’t get their player. That headline should read: ‘Chelsea could miss out on Cesc Fabregas for a few hundred grand.”

But what are the facts?

Although Arsenal have so far passed up the opportunity to re-sign Fabregas, they are due around 50 per cent of any profit Barcelona make on the Spaniard.

We’ll get to the money in a moment. But the news that Arsenal have “so far” not said they will buy Cesc is interesting, especially given that they need not rush to say anything because the transfer season ends on August 31.  And  on June 5, the Sun said Arsenal were willing to pay £35 for Fabregas.

And then the  Daily Telegraph told us that Manchester City are “clear favourites to land the midfielder”.

And then there was the Daily Star story of June 4, which said the deal had been done:

Chelsea agree deal with Arsenal and Man United target Cesc Fabregas

Which was odd new given that in July 2013, the trusty Daily Express announced:

Cesc Fabregas says yes to Manchester United move

Now we can get to the money. As the Telegraph reports:

Fabregas signed for Barcelona in a complicated deal in 2011 through which the Spanish club paid Arsenal an initial £25.4 million, with the player contributing to the Gunners £880,000 each year of his contract.

A further clause that Arsenal would receive £4.4 million if Barcelona win two La Liga titles and one Champions League title over the first five years of Fabregas’s return has not been triggered.

After three seasons back at the Nou Camp, the overall cost of the Fabregas deal so far stands at just over £28 million. Barcelona have put a £30 million asking price on Fabregas, but Chelsea ideally want to pay £27 million, which would see Arsenal miss out on receiving any kickbacks.

That’s from the paper that told us:

Arsenal have a buy-back option on Fabregas…Arsenal can re-sign him for around £25 million.

Such are the facts…


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