Anorak News | Soccerball Lover J-Lo Sings World Cup Song And Follows The Action On An App.

Soccerball Lover J-Lo Sings World Cup Song And Follows The Action On An App.

by | 10th, June 2014



THE World Cup is days away and fully grown adults are trying not to vomit with excitement about it all. Women and men everywhere are only half listening to conversations and forgetting to chew their food before swallowing, thanks to the impending cavalcade of football in Brazil.

Of course, the World Cup is big business. Non-football fans will be bitching and whining on social media, talking about how desperately unfair it all is even though they could go to a pub which isn’t showing the football, or go for a walk which isn’t football related or, indeed, look at everything that isn’t football related on the internet, listen to music, watch the numerous TV channels that are showing Not Football and do something else in this gigantic universe that we have, along with all those other people who don’t like football.

However, you can have it both ways – just ask Jennifer Lopez.

J-Lo has contributed to the official World Cup song, but she won’t be watching the actual tournament itself. She’s got paid and some exposure, so why pretend?

“My schedule is really full right now,” the singer said. “But I have some cousins who are fanatical Real Madrid supporters. They are not fans, they are fanatics. So I will certainly be kept up to date with everything that happens.”

Of course she will. She’ll be looking at her World Cup related app, seeing how her team that she got in the office sweepstake is doing… right?

Naturally, like any corporate gig, she’s teamed up with Pitbull to record the official FIFA song ‘We Are One’. Pitbull, you may notice, has taken all of Wyclef Jean’s corporate gigs from him. Poor old ‘Clef. Pitbull will perform at the opening ceremony with Brazilan singer Leitte in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

Lopez will not. Apparently, she withdrew from the event, citing “production reasons.”

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