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Using Tinder and Grindr Gives You The Clap

by | 16th, June 2014



TINDR and Grindr ¬†give you the clap. That, at least, is the finding of a new piece of scientific research, that using dating apps on smartphones, like Tinder or Grindr, gives you the clap. It’s not, by the way, the apps themselves that leave you with that itchy or burning sensation. Rather, that if you’re the sort of person who bunks up with anyone likely to say yes then you’re more likely to end up with the clap than those who are more discerning.

People who meet their sexual partners through dating apps are more likely to catch an STI, new research suggests.

The study found the risk is higher for those who meet people through apps than for those who meet sexual partners online or in bars and clubs.

In the last few years, smartphone apps – such as Tinder and Grindr – have become increasingly popular ways to meet potential sexual partners.

We could imagine how this research was conducted. Take the better looking of the graduate students, set them up with a Tinder or Grindr account according to sexuality and let them loose on the market. Three months later check and see who has weeping sores on their private parts.

Indeed, we could imagine them doing that and their having no problems recruiting the students as well. The major problem would be finding someone who would fund such a study though.

Sadly, that’s not actually the way that they did it. Instead they went and asked people and their doctors. Which is a bit boring really.

But they did indeed find that those who used Tinder and Grindr were more likely to have the clap than those who used more traditional dating mechanisms. And the explanation they gave for this was also boringly mundane. People who use smartphone hook up apps are having more sex with more different people. So they get more STDs. Pretty simple really.

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