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Chelsea Balls: ‘Arsenal Fan’ Cesc Fabregas Discovers That Everyone Hates Him

by | 15th, June 2014



SO. CESC Fabregas the man with Barcelona “DNA” and Arsenal in his heart has joined Chelsea. Good for him. But no-one really likes him. He is just about the most disloyal player on the market.

Reaction to the move been noisy. It seems that Fabregas can’t do right by anyone (except his bank manager).

The Times says he’s upset Chelsea fans:

Cesc Fàbregas risks Chelsea anger after revealing Arsenal regrets

Cesc Fàbregas risked angering fans of his new club after completing a move to Chelsea for £29.5 million last night when he appeared to regret being denied the chance of a return to Arsenal.

He did. He said Arsenal had the first option to take him but rejected the chance to buy back their former captain. Good that they didn’t. Fabregas agitated to leave Arsenal. He even took a pay cut to go. How’s that for love, Gooners?



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Cesc the self-declared Arsenal fan (“I will always be an Arsenal fan”), who agitated for a move to Barcelona – who said “my whole family are Barcelona supporters”; who said in 2011, “If some day I leave Arsenal it will never be to sign for another English team. I’m very sure” – is not that popular amongst Arsenal fans who should have stopped swallowing his marketing-led balls the minute their captain popped on a Barcelona shirt. And Chelsea fans have realise the kind of self-serving character they’ve bought. As one Blues fans says:

Here we go again. Only 12 months after the relief of getting rid of Rafa Benitez, the faithful at Stamford Bridge are being asked to warm to his on-field equivalent… Cesc Fabregas.

But surely Barcelona still love him? No. They don’t. Because their club statement following his sale oozed:

Despite glowing starts to each campaign, Cesc’s contributions to the cause gradually decreased as each season drew to a close. From being someone who joined in with the attack, supplying and scoring goals, the magic tended to fade later on in each season. He only scored one, six and one goals in the last 24 games of each season. For some reason, he was never as good in the second half of a season as in the first.

So. That’s Cesc Fabregas, a very good player who could have been a club great but chose instead to be opportunistic  mercenary.

As they say at Arsenal: “NEXT!”

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