Anorak News | WHO Wants To Ban The Thing That Makes Smokers Quit Tobacco: E-Cigarettes

WHO Wants To Ban The Thing That Makes Smokers Quit Tobacco: E-Cigarettes

by | 29th, June 2014

THAT’S the message from a bunch of wowsing “public health” advocates. That we must immediately make sure that tobacco companies don’t continue moving into the e-cigarette market. Because, you know, umm, it’s bad. No one really manages to say why people getting their nicotine in a manner that doesn’t kill them is bad but it is bad. Trust them.

All of which is very odd indeed really. For e-cigarettes are the one thing that really works in people trying to give up smoking.

Here’s the letter anyway, one sent to the WHO and arguing that e-cigarettes must be placed under  the same restrictions as fags themselves:

It is fundamental that WHO and other public health authorities not buy into the tobacco industry’s well-documented strategy of presenting itself as a “partner.”[3] If the tobacco industry was committed to reducing the harm caused by tobacco use, it would announce target dates to stop manufacturing, marketing and selling its “more harmful” products rather than simply adding e-cigarettes to its product mix and rapidly taking over the e-cigarette market.[4]-[5] It would also immediately desist from its aggressive opposition to tobacco control policies such as tax increases, graphic health warnings and plain packaging.

By moving into the e-cigarette market, the tobacco industry is only maintaining its predatory practices and increasing profits.

Well, OK, they do actually give a reason why e-cigarettes must be controlled. Which is that if they’re not then tobacco companies will make money. Which is a pretty odd complaint for people living in a capitalist economy. For in a capitalist economy you’re supposed to make a profit by providing people with what they want. That’s actually the point of the system.

But they’re so crazed over this that they really are trying to say that the easiest way of giving up smoking should be banned. Because, well, because.

How did we end up listening to these sorts of loons?

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