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Hurrah! It’s True! The Great British Breakfast Beats Hangovers

by | 24th, June 2014

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I HAVE to admit to being rather surprised that this isn’t in all of the newspapers instead of just one. For we journalists are notably bibulous creatures and thus the news of a hangover cure that actually works should be of great interest. Well, to those of us who write the news even if not to those who read it. And it seems that the Great British Breakfast really does beat the hangover:

Speaking ahead of the annual meeting of the international Alcohol Hangover Research Group, he said the best hangover cures are those that provide glucose.

He told The Atlantic: ‘One of the mechanisms of the hangover is to do with glucose metabolism and not having enough blood sugar.

‘In Britain, one of the most prevalent hangover cures is a big fried breakfast – fried eggs, sausages, baked beans, and all the rest – that’s well-renowned as a hangover cure in Britain, and it probably does work because there are lot of carbohydrates in that meal. And that will restore depleted sugar levels.’

Given that it’s the carbohydrates that are doing the work there you can increase the effect by adding a some chips to the meal: and making sure that your tea with it is nice and sweet.

There are other reasons being proffered as to why it works so well though. One is simply that fat tastes good and therefore having a meal with pork and bacon fat in it will make us feel better about ourselves than the more usual bowl of muesli will. And a third is that we all think that a fry up is bad for us these days (although the more recent findings that animal fat is actually good for us should change that over time) so, when we’re feeling groggy and thus treat ourselves we perk up precisely because we are having that treat.

There is of course one problem left with this new and exciting finding. Who in hell with a proper, decent sized, hangover can ever manage to cook a fry up?

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