Anorak News | Other Parents: Instagram Mum Upset Over Rule-Breaking Photo Of Her Daughter Marlow

Other Parents: Instagram Mum Upset Over Rule-Breaking Photo Of Her Daughter Marlow

by | 25th, June 2014



COURTNEY Adamo was kicked off Instagram for posting a picture of her daughter Marlow.

Yes, quite. We’re uspet because the censors should not stop anyone who feels a need to show off their kids to strangers and who calls the progency Marlow (siblings: Easton, Quin and Ivy). These people represent that form of entertainment we call ‘Other Parents’. The Other Parents are the ones who serve up their child  rearing skills and nippers for us to appriase and – if we’re in a good mood – ridicule.

As such, we’re all for keepng Courtney and her Adamios on the web. More fun for us.

The photo of young Adamo posted is above. Instagram thought it wrong.

Adamo, an American living in London, repsonded with a blog post:

“I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly (and outie belly button). And I love that her pride is so evident in the photo – such a sweet and innocent shot. I never, ever, ever would have thought that posting this photo of Marlow would lead to this. Instagram has deleted four years of my family photos and memories: all the photos of our travels, my children’s birthdays […] All of it gone. I am sick just thinking about it.”

No. It didn’t. If they’re that precious, you surely still have them. It’s just that we can’t see them, unless invited round to chez Adamo to see the slides.

But wait! Instagram have now resopened the account. Says mum:

“I want to make sure that my experience is educational for others and changes an Instagram policy that is overbearing and imbalanced.”

Overbearing. Imbalanced. Is she talking about those Other Parents?

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