Anorak News | Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Rides A Shark’s Bicycle In Florida

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Rides A Shark’s Bicycle In Florida

by | 28th, June 2014

DID you know you have more chance of being bitten by Luis Suarez than have of being bitten by a shark? Given that ther is only one of him and millions of sharks, that is some stat. But it’s true. You do.

Ian Steadman worked out that from 2005 to now, Suarez has appeared in 441 first XI matches for Uruguay’s national team and club side, including Liverpool. That manes around 6,160 players have taken on Luis and his teefs. Suarez has bitten three opponents. So. Footballers have a 1 in 2,000 chance of being munched by football’s greatest entertainer. The odds of a shark killing you whilst you’re swimming in the ocean is 1 in 3.7 million.

But Steadman has never seen Luis swim, nor a shark playing football, so the calculations need calibrating, And we can only wonder what the effects of Suarez mating with a shark would mean for mankind.

So. He aims for a more precise result to his maths:

…the numbers get a little closer if you consider the odds of getting bitten by a shark, even just nipped at. At New Smyrna Beach, Florida, regarded as the shark attack capital of the world, the odds of getting nibbled by a shark if the 22,464 residents go swimming just once per year are 1 in 2,808 on a slow year or 1 in 800 during a record year. Overall, it averages out about 1 in 2,000, just like Suarez. Realistically, the odds may be lower as many people likely go swimming more than once per year.

If you run a soccer club in or around New Smyna Beach, Florida, and a swarthy, toothsome man asks to use your hydro-therapy pool, chuck in a shark and record the fight. There’s a movie in this, people….

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