Anorak News | Rolf Harris: ‘When I Was 11 I Started Having Baths With My Mother’

Rolf Harris: ‘When I Was 11 I Started Having Baths With My Mother’

by | 2nd, July 2014



ANYONE looking to analyse why Rolf Harris molests children can take a look at what he tiold the TV Times in 1974:

¬†“I grew up in the belief that sex was dirty. It was spoken of only behind the boy’s lavatory at school or written with chalk on a wall. All the external freedom I had as a child couldn’t overcome it: inside me it was like a prison.

“I can remember getting a hiding from my mother when I was about four for doing a super drawing of a man with no clothes on – he was standing there absolutely naked and urinating – and my mother didn’t like it. I never saw my father naked although I used to try and see him when he was changing for a swim.

“When I was ten or 11 my mother decided I should see her naked to let me know it was all natural and everything – and we had baths together. But it was too late by then. It just used to embarrass me. Then my mum brought me a book about what any young boy should know and she stayed in the room while I tried to read it, but I was just too embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get out of that room.”

Spotter: Telegraph

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