Anorak News | The Hunt For Racist Australian Train Woman Sue Wilkins And The Moral Voyeurs (Video)

The Hunt For Racist Australian Train Woman Sue Wilkins And The Moral Voyeurs (Video)

by | 4th, July 2014


AUSTRALIAN police have viewed the video of a woman racially abusing a woman on a Sydney train.

The ranting woman verbally assaults a man and woman stood in front of her.  She calls the man white trash. She says the wolman by his side is a “gook”. She says, “Look at this bogan here. He can only get a gook, he can’t even get a regular girlfriend. It’s so sad.”

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is happy the woman was filmed and shamed:

“Good on those train passengers for filming that incident. It’s one way we can hold people accountable for racist abuse.”

As with “racist Tram Lady” Emma West, what is noticable is how isolated the racist is. No-one backs her up.

The video shows the ranting woman in a bad light. But we don’t know her. We have only seen her bad reaction to stress. We’ve no symapthy for the content of her rant, but we have some sympathy, surely, for her anger at looking up and noticing a stranger filming her at close quarters.

So. Sue Wilkins, 55, for it is she, is Australia’s pariah, a woman who shows the racist underbelly of the country; a woman who can be used to illustrate how morally on-message the rest of the country’s citizens are. She’s an education.

But Wilkins is repentent. She tells media she had had a “really, really rotten day”. She says sorry.  She says she is “disgusted” at her behaviour. She says, “No-one deserves to be spoken to like that.”

She has learnt her lesson. Keep your cool. Don’t resort to the lowest form of abuse. It makes you look like an idiot.

And if a stranger starts filming you at close quarters do not say anything racist in response. Just shout “Pervert” and tell eveyone he’s trying to film up your skirt…

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