Anorak News | Watch Robbie Williams Break A Fan’s Arm In Newcastle

Watch Robbie Williams Break A Fan’s Arm In Newcastle

by | 5th, July 2014

IT is always nice to watch someone successful make a fool of themselves. It isn’t their fault we’re all pathetically jealous, but they’ve got such nice and unusual lives, it is pleasing to find out their stuttering bozos like the rest of us.

Robbie Williams gave a glimpse into how ordinary he can be while embarrassingly breaking a fan’s arm after he fell off the stage during his gig at Newcastle.

Of course, Robbie is doing that thing all popstars do when their voice is shot, and doing ‘the standards’. You either go bluesy or swingy if you’re a white singer. Gives a nice air of authenticity while showing everyone that you’ve ‘paid your dues’. It’s also announcing that you’re clean out of ideas and giving up a bit.

Anyway, Our Rob was caught in a video doing some song or other, and he skips across the stage to give a section of the audience a high five.

He then falls into them.

On of those he toppled into was Margaret Nash. Poor Ms Nash, aged 52, got her arm broken by the former Take Thatter and missed the rest of the show and spent the night in hospital.

“You fell on my mam and she’s been in hospital with a broken arm,” said Nash’s daughter, Katie, on Twitter. “You never even said sorry.”

And through it all, Margaret Nash was offered no protection and will forsake Robbie Williams.


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