Anorak News | Andrew Strauss And Kevin Pietersen Trade Insults At The Crease

Andrew Strauss And Kevin Pietersen Trade Insults At The Crease

by | 6th, July 2014



FORMER England captain Andrew Strauss chose to share his view of former England colleage of 82 Tests Kevin Pietersen at the Lord’s bicentenary celebration match between the MCC and the Rest of The World. Commentating for Sky Sports, microphones picked up Strauss calling Pietersen a “c***” in an aside to one of his co- commentators, Nick Knight.

But only viewers watching on the Fox Sports app. heard the insult, something that should increase future downloads as cricket fans seek out more entertainment than even the contents of Ian Botham’s cereal bowl can supply.


Exposed, Strauss then disapointed cricket lovers by stating:

“I apologise unreservedly, particularly to Kevin Pietersen. I am mortified and profusely sorry.”

Sky Sports issued a statement, saying: “Earlier comments were made during a break in play which were heard overseas. We apologise for the language used.”

Cricket fans will recall that in 2012, Pietersen was dropped from the England team for sending text messages to South Africa players touring England calling captain Straus a “doos”, an Afrikaans word for c***. Pietersen was dropped, only to be reinstated after an apology.

All terrible. We like our sportsmen fired up with enmity. And cricket is a game that lends itself to verbal abuse and the ocassional ball in the knackers better than most. Cricket on the telly consists of former Test players showing of their new Windows package on a massive tablet, super slow-motion image of someone in the crowd signalling a four and a blonde woman under 50 in the crowd (who on the cameraman’s zoom setting turns out to be Stag do drunk in a Britney Spears corset).

Strauss and Pietersen have given viewers something to talk about duyring the duller bits…

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