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Photos Of The Citroën Flying Cars

by | 7th, July 2014

EVERY morning our patron Old Mr Anorak wakes up, takes his nurse by the wrist and demands ‘Where’s my flying car?’ Like him, we’ve all be waiting for the vehicle the 20th cenruty promised us. But it turns out the wonderflyer was there all alone, disguised as a soft-rolling Citroën. Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar is the first person to have spotted the obvous: these gliding French cars with the swivelling headlights and hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system make great hover jets:


flying_citroen car 7


flying_citroen car 6 flying_citroen car 5 flying_citroen car 4 flying_citroen car 2 flying_citroen car 1 flying_citroen car

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